Day 4: three trees, and tree three’s journey

Once upon a time, there were three trees talking to one another about what they want to be in the future. “I wanna be a luxurious wooden furniture! So that people can lean on me anytime!” Said tree one.

“I’m going to be a part of a wonderful exhibit! So that people will have to pay just to visit me.” Tree two confidently declared.

However, tree three didn’t know what he wanted to be. So when it was his turn to speak up, awkward silence covered the conversation.

“What’s the matter tree three?” Asked tree one. A little concerned about his tree buddy.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what I wanna be.” Responded tree three.

“You will figure it out in due time.” Tree two said.

Years have passed and they’ve forgotten about this conversation already. However, tree three wasn’t still sure of what he wanted to be.

One day, there were logger who visited their area. As they have planted enough trees that could grow in the future, they decided to cut the three trees. Tree one was ready for his new home to be a luxury sofa furniture. It’s wish came true only in a matter of weeks. Tree two knew it was his destiny to be an expensive art piece. It took longer for him to be ready, but he said “surgery was worth it”. Tree three, however, wasn’t still sure about what he wants.

“Perhaps, if I don’t expect I won’t be hurt that much if no one chooses me.” Tree three thought to himself.

The two tree got what they wished. They became what they dreamed to be in life. They threw a party for it, and went on with their lives.

Tree three was left forgetten, and was starting to rot. It caused deep sadness in him, and thought his life is a mess. Finally, he just accepted that it’s what happens to people who don’t make plans in life.

After many years, tree three saw huge people  getting closer toward him. They looked like soldiers. He overheard them say, “This is good enough. He’ll die, anyway.” This made him so nervous.

He saw three guys covered in blood. One guy was particularly “special” because of the thorns on his head. They were placed like a crown, which looked like a way of mockery. The Roman soldiers dragged this his head and forced him to carry tree three. They walked for miles and miles while big crowds were following and watching them.

Tree three felt bad for the guy. He knew how dirty he was. His wood is rotten and all sorts of bugs were in him. They continued walking until the guy couldn’t carry tree three anymore. That’s when a volunteer from a crowd volunteered to help.

When they reached the destination, there were guys preparing three foundations that were placed beside each other. These guys were wearing the same hard clothes like the guys who took tree three away. It was then that tree three realized that the soldiers were gonna hang the guys in there — with him.

Only it was worse. They didn’t just hang the three guys. They crucified them. The guy spoke seven more times — and on his last breath said one last thing and died. That’s the only thing three tree remembered.


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