Day 3: The Brick-Oven Fire Pizza

“You need to go through fire, so that you will be refined and ready for your purpose. Just like metal. Just like gold. Just like diamond.”

…and just like pizza.

Homilies like this is too cliché, and overused already. Although, there may be some truth in it, I’m too jaded when someone starts to use fire as an illustration for part of the process of “growth”. Over the past years, I’ve heard people tell me this metaphor during tough times. I listened. And at the time, got comforted.

Only to figure out that most people don’t exactly see you as gold, or a diamond. Not even a metal. Most people see you as a box of pizza. They like you when you’re fresh. When you’re still hot and yummy. When you still have something to offer to the room. And then throw you out when nothing’s left.

All that is left of you, is the empty box, and the memory of how good you were. Worst part is when you fell on the ground. You’ll surely hear statements like: “What a waste! That is from the best brick-oven fire pizza place in town, and we never get to eat it.” Then throw it away. There’s a bunch of pizza out there anyway.

Come to think of it, if they really believe what they told you – will they really let you go? No miner will let go of a gold bar no matter how dirty it is. No matter how deep they have to dig just to get it, they will work for it. They will use gigantic machines to dig. Call and hire a bunch of people to work day and night. They will invest immensely for it. Because it’s gonna be worth it. Because it is gold.

But they don’t see you as one. They see you as a box of pizza.

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