Day 1: Unexpected

Spending hours of photo-walking in the island was fun and a little tiring. After some few hundred shots, I decided to call it a day, and then head to a local eatery to grab some dinner. I have captured enough photos to choose from for today’s entry –and so I thought.

As I was browsing through my camera, I felt a warm air touching my right arm in a consistent rhythm. I noticed a little girl peeking. She was browsing the photos with me. She chuckled, and looked at me as she covered her mouth in shyness. I asked her if she wanted a photo. She nodded –while still chuckling now with her fingers in her mouth. I stood up, fix my camera settings, and finally took her photo. I showed it to her before looking closely at it. She gave me a crescent smile, and then ran away happily.

I checked the shot again, and I found myself smiling. I finished dinner, went back to my hostel, and browsed through my photos one last time. I realized how the photo of this little girl relates to me: curious. It’s funny how I had to spend almost half a day photo-walking only to find out that today’s entry will be from an unexpected encounter with a curious little girl.

I’ve been curious all my life. It’s probably the reason why I didn’t get to stick on one thing. I’m so curious trying a lot of things that I forgot to focus and master one field. That’s why I’m doing this 30-day challenge. I wanna write stories of people I meet and places I encounter. And I believe, one of the most interesting topics to write about is something unplanned. Something Unexpected.

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